Monday, February 6, 2012

A pansy

with a pansy
taking a deep breath -
dawn of spring

~ Pansy to shin-kokyû suru haru yoake

(Photo by myself at my house on January 15, 2012)


KjM said...

Thank you for the RT of my haiku earlier today. I love your photography and how you've twinned it with haiku.

Interestingly, I have done something similar. An example of it can be found at

Again, thank you for the RT earlier today and I will be happy to call in on your site from time to time to see your new work.

Hata3 said...

Hi, KjM. Nice to meet you. Thank you very much for the kind comment.

I'm trying to post a new photo-haiku to this blog almost everyday. Please visit again when you have a free time.

Thanks again.