Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shell of a cicada

The shell of a cicada -
look back on
my younger days!

~ semi no kara waka karishi hi o omoi keri
蟬の殻 若かりし日を想いけり

(Photo by myself at Kinuta park on August 10, 2008)

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XU PING, 徐平 said...

Hi Hatayama Akimi, I am honored to know you, an impressive life with an beautiful and kind heart in Japan. I just want to write an article on Cicada. I came across of an Haiku by great Matsuo Basho. I continued my search and came to your blog. I am very happy. Congratulations on your having been published a book of your Haiku. I have translated your Haiku "蟬の殻 若かりし日を想いけり" into Chinese. Wish your family to be healthy & happy!


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