Thursday, May 12, 2011

White arum (Mizu-Basho)

an old garden;
Mizu-Basho is in bloom

(Photo by myself at the Japanese garden of Entsuin Temple
in Matsushima, Miyagi Prefecture on May 5, 2011)

"Mizu-Basho" is the Japanese name of this flower which is known as "white arum" in English-speaking countries. This flower's Japanese name happen to be the same as the famous Haiku poet Matsuo Basho.

While Basho is best known for his Haiku poems, he also produced a number of other works, most notably "Oku no Hosomichi" (The Narrow Road to the Deep North), a diary of his extensive travels through Tohoku district (northern Honshu) which is a classic among Japanese travelogues.

I wonder he also visited this Entsuin Temple?

  1. Entsuin Temple (, English)
  2. Matsuo Basho (Wikipedia, English)

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