Saturday, April 23, 2011

Flowering dogwood (Hana mizuki)

flowering dogwood
look up to the blue sky;
balmy breeze blow

(Photo by myself at the nearby house on April 16, 2011.)


^angie^ said...


I'm an avid movie/ dorama watcher. and I'm picking up Japanese as I watch. I just watched the movie hanamizuki. And I'm curious about the word.

I know hana is flower in Japanese, so does that make mizuki is dogwood? or is hanamizuki is a word itself? what does it mean then?

I stumble upon your blog post here, and I thought maybe you could enlight me. Thank you

Hata3 said...

Hi, ^angie^. Thanks for your comment.

"Hana mizuki" is a Japanese word of a plant or flower. But its meaning is different from English word, "flowering dogwood".

"Hana" means flower, "mizu" means water and "ki" means tree.

Many of Japanese people feel purity as this Japanese name of "Hana mizu ki", I think.

Thank you again.

Maria@AmeriCorps said...


We are from the Indiana Heritage Corps at Fort Harrison State Park, located in Indianapolis, IN. As an organization, we work on trail building and improvement throughout the park. Currently, we are working on improving an interpretive trail, including but not limited to the identification of trees, animals and habitats. We are in the process of designing new educational signs for the trail, which would provide interactive learning experiences for park visitors. With your permission, we would like to use your photo of the flowering dogwood tree posted on your site.

Thank you,
Indiana Heritage Corps, Fort Harrison State Park