Friday, January 7, 2011

A snowy park

It was awfully cold here in Tokyo today. The forecast said that it was the coldest morning in this season. That reminds me, I took some pictures of the snowy scene in Tokyo a few years ago.

Originally, most parts of Japan have snow in winter. Northwesterly seasonal winds off the Asian continent, blocked by rugged mountains, bring heavy snows to the Japan Sea coast from  Hokkaido to the central part of Honshu. However, the snow didn't fall in Tokyo for recent several years.

Anyway, hang in there everyone who lives in snowy country for a while longer!

(Above photograph was taken by myself at the Kinuta Park on February 3, 2008.)


WK said...

Hi Hata-san,

I like your blog and pictures. Your English is good. Do you really want to know about any mistakes? Perhaps it's better to tell you by email. Let me know.


Hata3 said...

Thank you so much, WK! Could you please stop and read my blog again?

ladyfi said...

A lovely snowy photo! Keep warm.

Mike said...

I like this image...but too bad I hate snow...I will try to look at more of your posts in the the way what camera is that in your blog background?



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