Monday, January 10, 2011

Japanese plum trees

A few days ago, I had diagnosed as hyperlipidemia (lipid disorder) by my doctor. He said that I have high levels of LDL-cholesterol, r-GDP and neutral fat in my blood. High cholesterol levels in the blood can significantly increase a person's risk of developing chest pain, heart attack, stroke and sudden death.

And the doctor advised me following things;

1. Cut back on all kinds of alcoholic beverages as much as I can.
2. Avoid eating high cholesterol foods such as eggs, milk products, fatty meats and so on.
3. Do exercise appropriately everyday.

So I went for a long time walking to my favorite park, the Kinuta Park with my partner today. We walked around the park for three hours and we did stretching exercises. It was slightly windy today, but the sky was really clear and I felt fine.

There were not many flowers in the Kinuta Park in this season. But the Japanese plum trees have only partially blossomed so far. I think that the best time to view plum tree blossoms of the Kinuta Park is about the end of this month.

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

sorry to hear of your medical condition. The trees look nice but I have to wait several more months before ours bloom.


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