Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back from Cologne, Germany

(Photo by myself in Cologne, Germany.)

I came back from Cologne, Germany to Tokyo yesterday. It was a business trip for an inspection tour of the trade show named "photokina 2010".

"photokina" is the world's biggest trade show concerning the field of Camera and photo-imaging industries which is held in September every 2 years at the köelnmesse (Cologne Trade Fiar), Germany.

It's been 2 times since I went to this trade show first time.  But I've been so tired this time caused by the long journey and my tasks.

This photograph is the tallest Gothic Cathedral in Germany named "Dom". I stayed a hotel near this Cathedral.


Meine Welt said...

A German word for cathedral is Dome. I hope you had a great time in Germany.

Hata3 said...

Thank you Ms. Meine Welt. I remember the German word of Dome. See you!


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